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Currently in market testing at Sunday Schools around the country, is the newest creation from SQuire Rushnell, the iconic ABC children's television innovator.

Sunday School Rock is a series of 10 to 12 week curriculums that incorporate music and animation along with workbooks and materials helping kids 4 to 12 to learn values from the Bible.

Volume One of the series teaches a different one of the Ten Commandments each week supported by the workbook to help kids of different ages understand the meaning of each lesson.

The class leader can play the song one or two times, or over and over for the kids to memorize.

The high quality animation, originally produced for ABC TV broadcast, features some of America's top gold record singers.

Look for Sunday School Rock to be available for general distribution in early 2017.




House On The Vineyard, LLC,
is a media production company and ministry located
on Martha’s Vineyard, MA and New York, NY, USA.

Principals of the company are:

Husband and wife SQuire Rushnell and Louise DuArt

SQuire Rushnell
Author/Speaker/TV CEO
  • When GOD Winks books
  • A father of ABC Schoolhouse Rock
  • Led Good Morning America to #1
Louise DuArt
Comedic Impressionist/TV Host
  • Hosted ABC Family TV series
  • Starred on tour with Tim Conway
  • Co-authored Couples Who Pray

Rushnell and DuArt are performers who appear together or individually. Their mission—to inspire audiences of all ages. A top priority is:

Encouraging prayer among couples and families!

  • 40 day prayer challengeCouples Who PraySQuire and Louise’s ground-breaking books 40 Day Prayer Challenge and Couples Who Pray reveal startling data that praying together just 5 minutes a day can revolutionize marriages and relationships. Testimonies of two dozen test couples also prove that daily prayer invites supernatural changes in even the most difficult circumstances.
  • To help children learn the time-tested values of the Ten Commandments, Rushnell and DuArt have given away tens of thousands of free copies of a  life-changing, award winning video called The Kingdom Chums Original Top Ten.
  • The Kingdom ChumsNow you can receive the Kingdom Chums Original Top Ten DVD,  FREE…pay only shipping and handling. Order Here
  • The video is Not For Resale. We encourage you to give copies of the video to your friends, family and others. Place as many individual orders as you like. Let’s get the values of the Ten Commandments into as many homes as possible. In so doing, we’ll be promoting prayer among families.

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